Starting Over Again

Fresh starts always seem and feel fresh until when you actually have to start them. After then, it’s all a matter of keeping up with yourself for a matter of time. Eventually, it’s gonna be about planning when, in what form, and how the next “fresh start” will be.

So, here’s my fresh start. (My freshest, most recent fresh start. I’m a Gemini, what else do you expect me to do?)

And this fresh start was actually scheduled to commence when the year started. That time, I was thinking I can set the theme as somewhat of a “New Year’s Resolution” kind of thing with some new-me-nah-who-am-I-kidding punchlines. But then, laziness happened. So I pushed it back to the Chinese New Year, which was (or “is”) on February, because I’m Asian, and I love delaying things (even new year’s celebration, it would seem). I guess you already know what happened next.

Who am I kidding, no one gives a damn about all that. It’s just that.. I don’t know how to start this shit. It’s been a while, you know? I’ve been all around the blogging-sphere, and like all “fresh starts,” I figured I need to start from scratch.

What do I want you to take away after reading this post? That it’s okay to start a “start” even if it’s behind the schedule (that sounds spammy, I know, but I’m trying my best to be witty here). We all have our timings – first day of the month, first day of the year, first day in a new place, and so on. Personally, I think the best time to start doing something is when you feel like doing it, because then you are still clear of your goals. (Or maybe, I’m just justifying my existence in this virtual space.)

I’m not a writer. I don’t do writing for a living. If any, I only had experience in writing when I was still in school, because I was a part of the campus paper guild. But I am in desperate need of writing, of something to write about.

I only feel human when I write. I have this weird thinking that no one is allowed to doubt my feelings and intentions when I write. That’s why I want to stay true in my writing this time around. I want to write about amusing things, books, good music, and good people. And I hope you’re A-for-okay with that.

My, my. I am thrilled to do this again.


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