Chicken or Egg? Chicken AND Egg.

If there’s anything that I learned about life in my 22 years of existence so far, it’s that you have to find and follow what motivates you in order for Mondays to be bearable and life, in general, to be worth living.

I’m off sick today, but I’m ’bout to talk about worklife. Sheesh.

The thing is, I’m a millenial, because being born in 1993 is considered to be one. And also because I carry this “brand” of millenials at the workplace: apparently, we love switching jobs.

I couldn’t speak for the others, but I think I’m about one shade away from being a job-hopper. I am not exactly proud of that, but it isn’t something I am ashamed of either.

Just May of last year, I joined the company I am fortunately still in. What might (or may not) shock you is that the first four months prior to that, I have had two other companies on my resumé. Long story short, it was mid-Feb when I quit the job I’ve had for almost two years already, started on the next one where I was an in-house specialist (which, I thought at first was fun), then quit the latter come April. And in case you are wondering, yes, I didn’t take time off.

Others may have been reading now, and saying, “What the frck is she doing with her life?!” And I would honestly answer that I don’t know, by then.

But now, I kinda feel like I’ve unearthed one of the many missing puzzle pieces of my life. The thing is, I am motivated by the never-ending search for more learning. Salary does attract me, but nothing beats giving me opportunities to explore what interests me at a specific moment, and time for me to do so. I’m willing to be a trainee for a long time, so long as no one’s stepping on me (we all know the horrors of the corporate world, much more the evilness of some people in it). As much as learning inspires me though, I loathe people who make me feel like I will never be better at something. (Come on now, someone popped in your mind for a moment there.) And yes, there are certain people you can look up to as mentors even when you’re already in the corporate world. You’ll just have to be careful.

Anyway, so, because I know what motivates me, I know what to tell people, or my managers, in case they ask me what they can do to help me. On my 9th month at my current job, I was luckily promoted to a notch higher, and, aside from the reasonable increase in salary, the trust that my seniors are bestowing upon me makes me want to learn more. And teach more they are doing to me now. I am a happy adult kid, sans casual work blues, at the moment.

For now, I’ll leave you with what the character Gendry said on George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Two, A Clash of Kings”, to help you ponder:

A sword’s a sword, a helm’s a helm, and if you reach in the fire you get burned, no matter who you’re serving.

What about you? What motivates you? I know this whole thing is like the chicken-or-egg puzzle – in which I am also not sure which comes first, finding your motivation or finding the motivation to look for your motivation, if that makes sense. What if it’s the same thing? What if the answers are the same? It would be like hitting two birds with one stone, right? (And yes, bad, cliché pun intended.)

I hope you find it out yourself early in life. It makes all the difference, I assure you. 🙂


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