one of the artworks found at the Pinto Art Museum

What if that day comes
When you’re broken
and someone comes to fix you up
Sews the pieces back together
Tells you that the stitches
Make you more beautiful
and you believe
Because you saw the many little hearts
That he made
To cover the cracks.
And it’s beautiful
Like the color of your hair
When the first rays of sun shine on it.

What if that day comes
When the thread starts to thin
And the little hearts that once covered the cracks
start to fall out
And he comes back with but a pair of scissors
To take out the remaining threads
Out of the cracks they used to hide
Because he doesn’t like the way your hair
Shines under the street lamps.

That it was your hair
He used as thread
To do the little hearts
That once covered your cracks.

What if that day comes
When he says to you
That he found the broken pieces so beautiful
And intriguing
That he decided to work on it
Like you’re a puzzle
But then he realized
That he doesn’t like
the whole picture
Of you
So he decides
To cut you
Into pieces
Much finer
Than when he first found you.

( This is a work in progress. Or not. Yea, maybe not. )


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