Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Mirror.

There’s this girl I see every morning
Her eyes are red and all puffy
She looks at me blankly, stares at her hands on her lap and sighs heavily
But when she looks back up–
She smiles.
And that confuses me.

There’s this girl I occasionally see
Every afternoon wearing a cute oversized tee
Her eyes are no longer puffy
She sits with a lot of people and they all laugh loudly
She speaks fast and makes those jokes that are cheesy
And one time, I heard one of them people
“Man, that girl is cool-
she makes this whole place happy.”
And they all thought she’s sunny.
And hearing that made me feel funny.

‘Cause this girl that I see every morning?
She spends her night staring at the sky and sobbing silently
She puts up sad records that make even me lonely
And when she sees me looking, she smiles sadly
“I’m okay, please don’t worry”.

And I want to hug her and make her cry to me.
But instead I also smile sadly.
’cause that’s just the kind of glass I was meant to be.

(Written by yours truly. Reposted from my previous blog.)