Look around, Look around

Prior to writing this post, I was doing a bit of stalking over.. myself. Yes, call it a former-brand-reputation-manager thing (that has not faded even though I’m through that shit for four years already, apparently) – but really, it’s just something I got used to doing whenever I am bored (which makes up 60% of my existence).

And you know what? I find it.. funny. I have this old blog that basically sums up my entire existential crisis phase, circa 2012-13, and tbh*, reading it is like reading another person’s blog. It was sooooo interesting (but I am probably just biased haha) and soooo different. Like, really, if you want proof that I was once an emo who blogs about walking down the boulevard of broken dreams that has once been my life, just head over here. But if I ever find out you laughed while reading through it, I’ll skin you alive. 😈

Tbrh**, I felt a bit of nostalgia because it reminded me how far I have come in life and how old I am now. Here’s a bit of comparison of my then-character on my old blog versus the me that is writing this post (who may or may not be just pretending to be different from the 2012-me, you’ll never know though lol):

It wasn’t me (Shaggy voice) cuz:

  • I no longer talk about dying, at least out loud
  • Because really, now that I am already older, death is something that makes me feel scared;
  • I feel like the world loves me now, even though I am undeniably a shitty waste of mass;
  • I rarely talk to myself now – or I just no longer have the luxury of time to update my blog;

Still the one:

  • No legit accomplishments based on my past goals just yet
  • I am still a shitty waste of space, always have been and will be
  • I am still fond of using parenthesis
  • I still love coffee

But just like what Hamilton said, “There’s a million things I haven’t done – but just you wait..”

*to be honest

**to be really honest (I know, I know, my generation scmucks – you’re still not cool though lol 😛 jk)


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