Monthly Archives: October 2016


‚ÄčI am one that’s quite funny, 
if you ask me; 
I scream of so much irony – 
did you see?

Give me space and a degree – 
a virtue I will embody;
compress me and you’ll see
how nasty just I can be.

See, when you talk as if you are me: 
You open yourself to vulnerability, 
and challenge everyone, “Who will be, 
what will be, the downfall of my morality?”

See, when you walk as if you are me: 
People will think you’re just as funny, 
When you start feeling angsty
That you forget the ‘marks and niceties.

Did you see?
I scream of so much irony – 
if you ask me, 
I am one that’s quite funny.