Nobody’s Gonna Tell Me How To Wear My Hair

This may possibly be the stupidest, most arrogant suggestion you will ever hear – and I will ever say – but I suggest you speak up when you’re angry.

Before you start throwing rotten tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs (yum!) towards me, pause. I mean, well, correct me if I’m wrong, but apparently you’re pissed at me because you follow the do-not-speak-when-you’re-angry thinking. So why not practice what you preach, eh? (Just kidding. I luh you, reader.)

It makes me wonder, really. Honestly. Why do people say that speaking when you’re angry will make you regret your words? Is it because you might and will say bad things? Like, you might blurt out something that will hurt the other person’s feelings? What the hell, man? What kind of reasoning is that?

If you’re wondering, the theme song I’ve picked for this post is The Maine’s song, “My Hair”.

Okay, now back to raging. (Lol)

Let us inspect the “situation”. Let me use “you” as the main character here, because I’m trying to dissuade “you”.

So, someone did you wrong. Something horribly wrong, like throwing away your favorite mixtape. I mean, well, you can always have another mixtape, but that’s your favorite mixtape and you don’t think not being angry is an option. Then, you got angry. Then, you started talking. And talking. Started swearing maybe. Then the other person felt hurt. Then– wait.. what?!

You see, that’s my point. Other people will tell you afterwards that you shouldn’t have kept talking. You shouldn’t have said nasty swears. You should have thought over your words because now, the other person is hurt.

You’re feeling guilty. Why? Because you know you had hurt someone’s feelings. You feel like a bad person? Yes, because you think you should have considered their feelings. But what the hell, did that person ever consider how you’re going to feel before doing you wrong? Maybe. Maybe not. But that person did it anyway! That’s why you had gotten mad, and we’re having this talk!

Let me explain this more clearly (hopefully). You were the one who had her mixtape thrown out. You were the one who’s going to be sentimental about that mixtape. And yet, you’re supposed to feel bad for the other person? Yes, okay, go on, feel bad. But I don’t think you should regret what you have said. Those are your truest feelings, no matter how petty a situation can be. You are technically spilling your heart out. You are telling the other person that you are frustrated. Your words explain how you’re feeling.

You know what, you shouldn’t be holding back your words. And guess what, everyone should stop being so fucking butthurt when someone’s being “rude” and saying “harsh words” because that someone’s angry.

You are angry because someone had done you wrong. You are saying bad things because someone had done you wrong.

If you were the “sinner” here, understand that you have done something horribly wrong to someone. They are saying bad things not to intentionally hurt you, but because you’ve done something that made that person do so. Her words are her feelings. You are the sinner here. This happened because you are such an asshole (in that situation, I mean). Accept the words as something you deserve for not being mindful of others. Understand the principle behind the words, understand the “why” behind those words, so that you learn that the other person is mad because of such and such.

That’s all. Thank you. 🙂 (And yes, shit is real in this blog.)


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