Tale as old as time..

Tale as old as time. 💃

Belle (version 2017) just became my favourite Disney princess.

I am not a super fan of Disney movies, but I must admit that they are really great movies! The remake of “Beauty and The Beast” is definitely one for the books (pun intended). To be honest, I am no longer familiar with the storyline, simply because I’m not super thrilled by classic fairy tales. BUT after watching the movie, I felt that it became my favourite right away because:

1. Belle is a bookworm! She loves books, omfg! And the Prince/Beast also reads lots of books. Where can I find one like him?!

2. Belle did not fit in because, as it appeared in the movie, she is “ahead of her time” and some sort of inventor. Being in the STEM industry myself, I feel so empowered and it makes the movie relatable. Or probably I can relate because I always feel like I do not totally fit in with groups of people.

3. The Beast is super cute and awkward. I want to hug him. 😚

4. All the characters are lovable! I cannot remember their names, but I found myself crying (yes, I’m emotional, don’t judge me) when Mrs. Teapot was looking for her son and then she froze because the last petal of the rose has already fallen. I also cried when The Clock said it was an honour to serve alongside Candelabra. My heart. 😭

5. The lyrics of the OST is A++. I know it’s a classic song, but I only came to appreciate it yesternight! Barely even friends, then somebody bends.💃

So needless to say, I feigned offense when my colleagues in Melbourne (who are guys, btw) said it’s “for kids”. Like.. okay, I get it – you’re old. Haha.

Both a little scared, Neither one prepared.. Beauty and The Beast. 😍


Keep On Walking

I love long walks.

Yes, the verb. Walking – as in exposing myself to the harshness of this concrete jungle (where dreams are made of 🎵) called Manila. Yes, as in getting from point A to B in the most traditional fashion. Yes, I love walking.

That sounds a bit weird, coming from someone who rarely gets out of the house, I know. But long walks literally mean being out of the house while doing nothing else except walking. I mean of course you can happily chat with someone while in the act, or listen to your new playlist – but it does not deplete the energy you need to walk.

It’s so basic and, hence, underrated. People prefer the confines of their own cars or riding buses for convenience. Others prefer biking or running for fitness. But when it comes to long walks, you’d get puzzled looks from others.

I walked home today, choosing the path that I have not stepped foot on for a year or so till today. There were lots of memories that came to me – all of which are just funny to me now because I felt like I have walked past (pun intended, yehey! 🙌) them already. It took me around 45 minutes to get home instead of the usual 20 minutes when taking public transport.

And yes, what the fuck was I thinking, tiring myself for nothing? I do not know either, but today would not be the last of it.

Well I’m like a stone,
And I’m carried on the river
Like a boat sailing on the sea
Oh, well I keep on walking
Oh, well I keep on walking
Till I fine that old love
Or that old love, comes to find me

Listen to it here: Keep On Walking – Passenger


A lot of things have been going on lately in my life.

Most of them are good, others not-so, and I always remind myself that that’s fine.

But, you see, I’m quite concerned with how I view life. I am a very positive person, if you may, don’t get me wrong. However, I feel like I am just a passer-by in my own life story. I do not know my end goal here. What do I want? What do I really want to do? What do I really want to be a couple of years from now?

It is very evident with this blog. There is no specific theme. That is good, sometimes, but you see, it’s easy to get lost when you do not have anything specific in mind. I think that’s the reason why I feel so lost sometimes, which eventually leads to sadness.

Partly, I blame my busy schedule for this conundrum. Around 75% of my time is spent on work, 10% on stressing over work, and just 15% for overall self-improvement. And the thing is, even when I’m supposed to be self-improving, I use this on non-sense activities like social media, stalking people that I find interesting, freaking out because I did not spend my time on worthwhile activities, and then succumbing to the thought that I can never discipline myself.

School will start on April and I am seriously wondering how I will be able to survive everything without losing my mind. I figured with uni activities coming in, I will be forced to spend less time doing work, which is not as good as it seems because I just found another outlet to distract myself from the most urgent questions that I think I should be answering right now: who do I really want to be? What do I really want in life? What makes me really happy?

And it’s funny to realise that I do not even know what makes me truly happy. Is it the opposite of the things that make me sad? That’s.. quite vague.

I honestly still do not know how I would deal with myself.. which may be the reason why I find it difficult to deal with other people who are getting too close to me. But that’s a totally different story, haha. I am kind of pressured to figure out my life before ending this article, but I am going to raise the white handkerchief now and admit that I have not a single clue as to what I would be doing next. And that means, after publishing this post, I will go back to mindless “productivity” and slacking off in intervals.

But I would like to believe that I can somehow still turn things around, you know, like Alice in “Alice Through The Looking Glass”. I just have to take it one step at a time, and this post is one step towards it: I am acknowledging the fact that I have a lot of not-comfort zones to conquer.