Keep On Walking

I love long walks.

Yes, the verb. Walking – as in exposing myself to the harshness of this concrete jungle (where dreams are made of 🎵) called Manila. Yes, as in getting from point A to B in the most traditional fashion. Yes, I love walking.

That sounds a bit weird, coming from someone who rarely gets out of the house, I know. But long walks literally mean being out of the house while doing nothing else except walking. I mean of course you can happily chat with someone while in the act, or listen to your new playlist – but it does not deplete the energy you need to walk.

It’s so basic and, hence, underrated. People prefer the confines of their own cars or riding buses for convenience. Others prefer biking or running for fitness. But when it comes to long walks, you’d get puzzled looks from others.

I walked home today, choosing the path that I have not stepped foot on for a year or so till today. There were lots of memories that came to me – all of which are just funny to me now because I felt like I have walked past (pun intended, yehey! 🙌) them already. It took me around 45 minutes to get home instead of the usual 20 minutes when taking public transport.

And yes, what the fuck was I thinking, tiring myself for nothing? I do not know either, but today would not be the last of it.

Well I’m like a stone,
And I’m carried on the river
Like a boat sailing on the sea
Oh, well I keep on walking
Oh, well I keep on walking
Till I fine that old love
Or that old love, comes to find me

Listen to it here: Keep On Walking – Passenger


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