Tale as old as time..

Tale as old as time. πŸ’ƒ

Belle (version 2017) just became my favourite Disney princess.

I am not a super fan of Disney movies, but I must admit that they are really great movies! The remake of “Beauty and The Beast” is definitely one for the books (pun intended). To be honest, I am no longer familiar with the storyline, simply because I’m not super thrilled by classic fairy tales. BUT after watching the movie, I felt that it became my favourite right away because:

1. Belle is a bookworm! She loves books, omfg! And the Prince/Beast also reads lots of books. Where can I find one like him?!

2. Belle did not fit in because, as it appeared in the movie, sheΒ isΒ “ahead of her time” and some sort of inventor. Being in the STEM industry myself, I feel so empowered and it makes the movie relatable. Or probably I can relate because I always feel like I do not totally fit in with groups of people.

3. The Beast is super cute and awkward. I want to hug him. 😚

4. All the characters are lovable! I cannot remember their names, but I found myself crying (yes, I’m emotional, don’t judge me) when Mrs. Teapot was looking for her son and then she froze because the last petal of the rose has already fallen. I also cried when The Clock said it was an honour to serve alongside Candelabra. My heart. 😭

5. The lyrics of the OST is A++. I know it’s a classic song, but I only came to appreciate it yesternight!Β Barely even friends, then somebody bends.πŸ’ƒ

So needless to say, I feigned offense when my colleagues in Melbourne (who are guys, btw) said it’s “for kids”. Like.. okay, I get it – you’re old. Haha.

Both a little scared, Neither one prepared.. Beauty and The Beast. 😍


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