Just another complaint.

People often see me as someone who has her shit together. They think of me as someone who’s “up and coming”. Someone really authoritative calls me his “golden girl”.

But what does that even mean? What does it mean to be someone that everyone considers to be.. “doing really okay”?

Would you call it “success” if it’s not something you were aiming for in the first place?

Okay, yes, I know. I do not even know what I want to do with my life, yet here I am: complaining again. I am serious about this. I can do things, do them really well, but I cannot do things. All I probably know is how to shadow others, and raise the bar higher – I cannot set my own bar. I can only do things that others are already doing.

What am I gonna do? I am 23 and I do not have a single idea what to do with my life. I do not know if this is pre-quarter life crisis kicking in, but I am dead serious right now. How do I figure my life out?

Maybe I should do some.. summer cleaning? You’ll hear from me again soon.


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