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A Universal Equation

She loves books
so much
that she wanted to be
like those leading ladies
in her favourite stories.

She’d wake up
every morning
wishing someone would look at her
and describe the way she looks
as the sun rising
after a stormy night.

She’d sprint across the street
and wish that someone
would catch a glimpse of her
and make him feel
like the world is losing its gravity
and time is suspended.

She’d walk home
passing by the same street
a hundred and two times now
and wish someone would be there
to think how lovely
the city lights reflect on her eyes
as if they hold a fraction of the stars
that twinkle in the clear night sky.

And he – well, he –
He lives with numbers
and calculated moves.

He thinks that there is an equation
for everything
and every day is just one probability
to a permutation of outcomes
that will eventually equate
to a happy ending.

And while everyone is busy
trying to find their “X”
and regretting their lives away,
he wakes up every morning
ready to look for his “Y” –
that one illogical reason
why he believes
that Mathematics is the universal language.

And while they are words
and figures apart,
they are both hoping for
a fairy tale out of an equation
where letters and numbers
are combined
to form something that literally mean nothing
and yet, explain the reason for our being.